Monday, November 21, 2011

Why Backup to the Cloud?

For businesses and home users backing up to the cloud can make the backup procedure very simple and extremely safe.

Many businesses and most home users fail to adequately backup their computer systems in any way. This is inviting disaster as it is almost inevitable that at some point in time a hard disk or component is going to fail risking the loss of the data.

If you are in business and failing to back up your computer and critical files on a regular basis, you are playing with fire, as even very small unusual accidents like coffee tipped into a computer, a virus or Trojan horse or simple electrical fires or spikes could cost your business thousands and thousands without proper data backup.

If you're a home computer user and have stored thousands of photographs and videos or music tracks on your computer and this is stolen or damaged accidentally, you could have lost many years of memories that are completely irreplaceable.

Backing up to the cloud gives you a totally secure and unbreakable system that allows you to back up your data to a new computer, even if you're damaged or stolen system is completely irretrievable. Backing up your data is a habit the vast majority of computer users have not successfully mastered and with cloud computing it is both simple and efficient and very safe.

Backing up to tape or a removable hard disk is better than nothing but these items are invariably left either in the same location or directly next to the computer that has been backed up.

Backing up to the cloud offers you many advantages over some of the established backup procedures. These include;

It's very easy to do.
It's very quick.
It's very cheap.
It's very safe.

Backing up to the cloud is very easy to do because providers of the backup software use simple backup programs that will automatically backup either on demand or at a predetermined time of day. This takes the remembering to backup part of the process out of the equation. In effect means your backup procedures are fully automated and thus more likely to be done.

Backing up automatically is very quick as the system generally will only backup new documents or modifications to existing documents.

With the continuing fall in the price of hard disks, and their ability to store ever more data the price of cloud storage has reached a point where it is so cost-effective to back up using this technology, the risk of not using it is outweighed considerably.

Most commercial online backup companies are using military grade security technology, to ensure your backups are kept secure and also the traffic adding data to your backup is kept private.

When you have backed up or stored data in the cloud it is usually available on any computer using a browser which can be extremely convenient if you are travelling or just using a computer in a different site.

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